Justin Cody Fox - Vocals/lead guitar

Born in Statesville, NC and raised on music, Justin has been performing professionally since the age of 15. With four albums to his name under the Medusa Stone banner and two current releases as a solo artist, Justin has written and recorded over 60 songs. Now residing in Wilmington, NC Justin splits his time between family, performing, recording and teaching. He is a busy man with high ambitions and a relentless work ethic. With the release of 2016's "Go Down Swinging" Justin is heading back on the road with his band to support the album.

Justin is endorsed by and uses:

Quidley Amplification

MJT Guitars

Mojotone Musical supply

Gorilla Ears

David Morse - Bass/backing Vocals

Born in Bridgeport, CT and raised in Kure Beach, NC David Morse is a northern transplant with a southern rock soul. Drawn to music from a young age, David played in the Jazz band through school and immediately transitioned to working musician out of college. David has been playing bass and acoustic guitar with Justin for over 13 years and his solid groove is a signature sound holding the live show together. David has performed with national level talent most of his career and always brings a calm professionalism to his stage performance.

David is endorsed by and uses:

SIT String

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Prestige Guitars

Worth Weaver - Guitar/backing vocals

Worth started playing guitar at the age of 15, and within 4 years was actively touring the nation full time as a guitarist. He has played and performed with national and international acts such as Thousand Foot Krutch (Toronto, Canada), He Is Legend (Wilmington, NC), Versus Angels (Charleston, SC), and The Trey Jones Project (Nashville, TN). Worth has also recorded and performed on many albums throughout his career for a variety of artists, and has an extensive list of album credits over the past two decades He studied under nationally recognized jazz guitarist Roger Davis to further his knowledge of the guitar.

Worth is endorsed by and uses:

Paul Reed Smith Guitars

Mesa Boogie Amplification

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Seth "Fluff" Aldridge - Drums

Seth Aldridge is a world class Drummer with incredible timing and grove. "Fluff" was born in NC and thrives in his other band Jive Mother Mary as well.